BirdBusta Australia
BirdBusta Australia

Are you experiencing problems associated with birds such as noise, nesting, ticks, lice and bird droppings? BIRD BUSTA can help to prevent the associated health hazards of bird problems.

BIRD BUSTA  is a wind assisted BIRD deterrent that dose not cause any harm to birds and are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, uv stabilized and free to operate once installed.

BIRD BUSTA is engineered to be lightweight yet withstand harsh conditions and will last for many years. NEW PRODUCTS  AVAILABLE NOW :

* Bird Busta Ezy Fit Rail Mount

  Fits from 12 mm to 50 mm Railing.                 

* Bird Busta Replacement Parts Pack

  Fits 1 and 2 Meter Units.

Above NEW products NOW available at Whitworths stores & Bird Control Australia.

• Fruit & Nut Trees
• Vineyards
• Ground Fruit & Vegetables

Building Industry:
• Houses
• Units
• High Rises
• Billboards
• Power Lines
• Airconditioners

Marine Industry:
• Boats
• House Boats
• Marker Buoys
• Beacons
• Solar Panels

•  Jetties / Pontoons
•  Pools
•  Clothes Lines
•  Roofs
•  Boats
•  Solar Panels
•  Gardens
•  Hobby Farms
•  Antennas